Braveheart meets Bollywood on set in Scotland!

Date: 25 November 2022

The Braveheart team were thrilled to play (a very small part!) in the production of a recent, upcoming Bollywood film which was being filmed in the beautiful surroundings of Marr Hall Golf & Spa Resort in Erskine. 

Our role was to prepare glorious looking be filmed in the movie. That's right, we prepared some food to be used as 'props' across different scenes during the production. We'd like to think this is the perfect example of the type of bespoke and adaptable experience that our team offer, we're happy to listen to any opportunities that come our way.

We pride ourselves on providing authentic experiences and having a truly adaptable approach to our work and this not only proved to be that, but it was a genuine authentic experience which our team embraced and loved.

Danny Boland, who helped coordinate and worked on the project with the team, added;

"Our team pride ourselves on being flexible and open to all opportunities, safe to say this job sums up our approach! It was a lot of fun for myself and the team to be involved in a real life film production, working with some incredibly nice and talented people. Not only that, our own Steve even got a small part in the film...we all can't wait to see that. We look forward to working across more film and music productions in future as well as expanding our crew catering offering moving forward."

We're working hard to expand our offer here at Braveheart which includes extensive options for crew catering and film/music productions. You can contact us about any of this at or by calling us on 0141 573 7519.

See some of the images from this exciting event below!

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