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Please choose two of the following to accompany our plated Meals Section

Alabama fudge cake (GF)

A traditional chocolate fudge cake that is also gluten-free! This tall and fabulous 9’ chocolate sponge is filled, topped and side coated with a rich mouth-watering chocolate fudge and served with cream.
£4.50 per head

New York cheececake (GF)

A classic creamy vanilla cheesecake, that is also gluten free.
£4.50 per head


Layers of Soft sponge soaked with espresso coffee & liqueur. Filled with zabaglione cream and dusted with cocoa powder.
£5.00 per head

Lemon Meringue Pie

A traditional shortcrust pastry case with a zesty lemon filling, topped with a generous helping of meringue and baked to perfection.
£4.50 per head

Chocolate orange torte (GF)

Gluten-free chocolate biscuit base topped with luscious layers of milk and dark orange chocolate truffle. Finished with a sprinkling of golden sugar crystals. A chocolate lovers dream
£5.00 per head

Banoffee pie

A crunchy biscuit base with banana, caramel cream and chocolate topping. Sweet and delicious!
£4.50 per head

Vegan harvest cake (GF)

Two layers lovely moist spiced apple, pineapple, parsnip, sultanas, and carrot. Vegan & gluten free cake filled and topped with lime flavour frosting, hand sprinkled with pistachios and caramel flavoured sauce.
£4.50 per head

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A rich moist toffee sponge covered with butterscotch sauce served with cream.
£5.00 per head

Prosecco and blackcurrant cheesecake (GF)

A light crunchy gluten-free biscuit base topped with vanilla baked cheesecake finished with heaps of blackcurrants in prosecco sauce.
£5.00 per head

Dutch apple pie

Classic apple pie topped with a delicious cinnamon, brown sugar and crumb streusel topping and Served with cream.
£4.50 per head

Tea and Coffee


self service station, set up with urns and disposable cups. English breakfast, Earl Grey and freshly percolated coffee available for most of the day. 

£1.50 per head


English breakfast tea and freshly percolated coffee served to guests. includes crockery/cutlery.

£2.50 per head


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